Monday, 26 March 2012

Manufacturing of inflatable structure

During the last couple of days, Adnan Mahmood worked on the optimization of the manufacturing techniques for the deployable part of SAM. Various structures were manufactured and tested in the vacuum chamber of the physic's department of the University of Strathclyde. The first full scale structure is scheduled to be finished until mid April. A first mating between the cube satellite structure and the deployable structure will commence shortly after.


  1. Brilliant to see how versatile Inflatable structures can be.

    Well done guys

    Evolution Dome

  2. Thanks for sharing useful info on virtually identical, here i got lots of knowledge about it.!

    1. Hi jdinflatables,
      Great to hear that this is interesting and useful to you. What are you working on? Just sent me an email to

      The space inflatable world is small and I would like to hear what research is going on around the world.

      Looking forward to hear from you,